Madison WI baby photography – Hadley’s first birthday session!

This pretty little girl came to see me on a dreary rainy morning.  We were really hoping to get some shots outside, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be!  At least I got to put my new studio room to the test… and I have to say I rather enjoyed having a dedicated space to shoot in rather than having to dismantle my entire living room. Especially since I am now about a hundred months pregnant and moving heavy furniture just doesn’t sound all that appealing!

As you can see she was full of smiles despite the rainy day 🙂  And she even gave us some obligatory birthday tutu shots…

OK stoppit now.. you are just TOO cute..

We finished up the session with one last outfit change.  Hadley was doing AMAZING and didn’t complain at all!  Unbelievable!

OK I fully admit I have a thing for baby eyelashes.

This little cupcake book made Hadley ridiculously happy.  I love how little ones get such joy out of the simplest things!

Happy birthday sweet girl <3