Madison WI child photography – 3 year birthday session – Hazel, Hazel, Hazel…….

This little lady is a big ol’ ball of energy!  Hazel is a super sweet little girl, but honestly I don’t think she sat still for more than about 2 seconds at a time for our whole session…. well, except when she was hiding behind my backdrop stand, now that I think about it.  And she had all her own ideas about posing too.

I’m sure a lot of parents wonder if their kids will cooperate or if the session will just be an utter failure.  Well, even though I think mom left this one needing a glass of wine (or two!)– I was able to sneak in plenty of sweet shots for her.  Sorry Hazel, you may be 3 and full of energy…. and I may be ‘old’ and pregnant…. but I think I still won this one.

Of course she did give me plenty of silliness too…

This was one of Hazel’s poses… I think it turned out pretty cute!

It’s kind of entertaining to watch how fast you can go from this……..To this…….And just because this makes me laugh….. the very last shot from our session.  She definitely let us know when she was done!I had a blast Hazel…. we should do this again sometime!   xoxo.